5 Tips to Muscle up for Women

5 tips to muscle up for women

Today, I will teach you some tips on how to perform the keeping muscle up so let’s go so you start by hanging in a straight bar with a little bit of swing and momentum.

Then you think that you have a line on the floor slightly in front of the bar and in your front swing you will touch the line with your toes and straighten out your hip then in the backswing you lift your knees up a little bit for extra momentum and this is called the kip.

Now while you lift your knees up you start pulling yourself up at the same time as you push yourself out a little bit from the bar.

This will get you to a so-called high pull up so these three steps the knees up the pulling and the pushing is basically happening at the same time now it’s time to change the grip by sliding it a bit forward and at the same time leaning with your upper body forward.

So you will get closer to the bar and last but not least if you don’t have enough momentum or powers to get all the way up to the hip you finish the move by pushing yourself up in a bar dip that was it for today.

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