mistakes women make when starting a relationship

8 mistakes women make when starting a relationship

Many women make the same mistakes when they start dating a man. We tell you eight of them! Nobody said that the first meeting was easy, but it is precisely to pretend that they are perfect what leads many women to make serious mistakes when starting what could be a successful relationship.

And to be a relationship with the future, it is preferable not to commit these blunders, and try to take these meetings more calmly. We will tell you what these mistakes are about.

1. Not being yourself. Perhaps the most common mistake of many girls is to try to please too much, to the point that they forget who they really are with the illusion that, by hiding defects or differences they could have with the boy in question, he remains interested. But remember that if you want these first dates to become something else, they will only do so if he knows from the beginning who you are. It is always preferable to be next to who loves you for who you are, and not for whom you should be.

2. Being paddy skin in social networks. You are just meeting him. Do not go straight from single to “in a relationship”, do not upload a thousand photographs in which you go out with him, and do not fill the board with “I like you” and “I miss you”! “Many women will begin to imagine their future with him”

3. The dress and the names. Although it is difficult to recognize, it is true that many women begin to imagine even the name of their future children when they get excited about a boy in question. Do not do it! Most of the time, what is planned a lot goes wrong, if not fatal. Let yourself go, enjoy the moment and remember that, if you plan too much and in the long term, every time you end a relationship the feeling of emptiness will be worse.

4. Thinking that he will make a perfect life for you. If there are gaps in your life caused by certain problems, do not think that by the simple fact of having arrived at your life, he will fill them. If you do not feel happy, you will not be happy with him either. It is preferable that you reach this happiness on your own and then share it with another person because nobody is going to give your life the joy that it lacks. He has not come to your life to save you.

5. Do not make it difficult for him. The first meeting is like a game, but nobody likes to beat the first in a battle. Let him conquer you. Above all, do not take away the personal space he needs, but respect his freedom.

6. Conforming with little. It is normal to want to have someone to share your life with, but what is not acceptable is to be with anyone so you do not feel alone. If he does not make you happy, if he is a male chauvinist and you are the most feminist, if he does not respect your friends, if he does not worry about looking for a job and enjoys too much the sofa, if he disrespects you … no matter how much you believe it, you do not need him! Do you see him in your future, or not? Before starting to go out with someone, it is important to ask yourself if you see him in your future. Think of that person you’ve been waiting for all your life, and if this new man does not meet your expectations … why start something that deep down you do not want forever? Why settling for less, if you know what you want?

7. If you have not built yourself before. Discover who you are, learn what you like and what you do not like, what you want for your future and who you would like to share it with, do everything that makes you happy in your life and start to pursue all your dreams. When a man appears in your life, you will be ready to discover if he complements you or not. Many women start dating someone without really knowing who they are, and this is a problem because, in the end, the couple becomes their life. The mistake is not to have a life of your own, complete and satisfactory because the new couple should become simply someone to share what one already has consolidated.

8. Obsessing. ‘He has put a heart to me in the message, and not two … That means he does not like me enough’. ‘He did not ask me at our meeting when we can see each other again … that is, he has not enjoyed the afternoon as much as I did’. ‘He has not told me “Good morning” this morning when he connects … that is, he does not wake up thinking about me’. Do not do it! Stop thinking so much and giving so many laps to everything!

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