Berlin Issues Regulations for Private Events

Berlin Issues Regulations for Private Events in Germany

Berlin and Brandenburg have tightened corona rules for private parties. For celebrations of up to 50 people – whether the apartment has a garden party or a party – a host in the capital will have to develop a separate concept of hygiene and safety. For events of 50 people or more, participants must be at least 1.50 meters apart. The Berlin Senate ruled on Tuesday. SPD Health Senator Dilak Kalichi said, “I believe in the personal responsibility of the people. If there are indications of violation, it can be overcome.

How Much Fine If you Violate the Rules?

Because restaurants do not properly document their guest data, visitors to Berlin will now also need to provide complete information. Violations are now threatened with a fine of 50 to 500 euros.

Strict rules also now apply in the state’s Brandenburg. On Tuesday, in Potsdam, the cabinet decided that private events in the apartment or garden would only be possible with 75 participants due to the Corona crisis. The limit does not apply to events held in restaurants.

The cabinet also decided that a fine of between 50 and 250 euros would be imposed in the future for intentionally not wearing a corona mask. The need for masks applies, among other things, to local public transportation and retail.

In addition to mask ceremonies and restaurant rules at the presentation, the Senate in Berlin also tightened the rules for demonstrations: in the case of open gatherings with more than 100 participants, they must wear face and nose protection in the future. Will The new Infection Protection Ordinance will take effect next week.

On Saturday, 38,000 people demonstrated in Berlin against Corona’s needs. A demonstration with 18,000 people was broken up because the minimum distances were not observed and the attempt to require a mask failed.

Admissions Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) said the change in law was “an important signal” to demo organizers. Earlier, the court lifted restrictions on demonstrations and rallies imposed by assembly officials to protect against the infection. His behavior was severely criticized.

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