best beginner weight loss workout

Best Beginner Weight Loss Workout

This is the turbulence training beginner level workout and we’re gonna start with the first superset which is dumbbell squats and push-ups.

So the dumbbell squats you’re gonna hold a set of dumbbells in your hands at arm’s length your feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart chest up head up push your hips back squat to parallel and stand back up nice and controlled descent and then a strong contraction on the way up ten repetitions of that exercise then move without rest into a push-up or kneeling push-up.

Whatever your strength allows you to do body in a straight line drop your chest just above the ground and press up through your chest triceps and shoulders ten repetitions of that exercise rest one minute and repeat one more time for a total of two super sets in the second superset you’re going to pair dumbbell rows and stability ball leg curls so the dumbbell row.

You know have a dumbbell in one hand the other hand is gonna rest on the end of the bench as is the knee on the same side keep your back flat bend the back knee plant it into the ground holding the dumbbell there at arm’s length and then using your lats which is a back muscle and your upper back bring your shoulder blade towards the midline and roll that don’t row that dumbbell up to your chest keep your back flat and pull with your back well just using your arm to hold the dumbbell so it’s not so much an arm exercise.

But a back exercise row that dumbbell up control it on the way down do 10 repetitions for one side switch over and do 10 repetitions for the other and then without rest without resting sorry you’re gonna go to a stability ball leg curl for 12 repetitions heels up hips up and then curl that ball back in with your hamstrings and keep your body in a straight line rest one minute and repeat that one more time for a total of two super sets.

We’re gonna finish work out with the third superset of two abdominal exercises we’re going to start with a stability ball we’re gonna finish work out with the third superset of abdominal exercises starting with an ab curl up and then a side plank so for the ab curl up line your back one leg is flat the other bench doesn’t matter which you put both hands underneath your back to support it keeps your head in a straight line with your body and curl your shoulder blades off the ground and then back down do 10 repetitions and it as you get stronger and fitter.

You can hold the top position for up to 5 seconds so nice and controlled there 10 repetitions then move immediately into the side plank done for 15 seconds per side in this position again if you’re finding this easy you can hold it for 30 seconds so 15 on this side switch over to the other side for 15 seconds then rest one minute and repeat that one more time for a total of two supersets you’re all done the strength training now you can go over finish your interval training and your stretching and that’s it for a workout.

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