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Best healthy relationship advice for men

Here’s the truth… getting into a long-distance relationship is one of the dumbest things a guy can do. Heck, it’s like slamming your nuts into a drawer over and over again.

It’s painful, frustrating, and pointless. I won’t kid you. Long-distance relationships are notoriously tricky to pull off.

But, if you’re looking for long-distance relationship advice that works then I’m here to give it to you. You’ll learn about a nifty trick that will make a long-distance relationship work for you.

Let’s continue, all right? Most long-distance relationships fail, and for a wide variety of reasons. Make no mistake… dating long-distance is dangerous. There’s no way of knowing what will happen. I mean, will you make it or wind up as just another casualty?

It doesn’t matter if she’s going off to college. Or has a six-month assignment in Italy. Or she’s volunteered to work at some overseas charity. Or going backpacking around the world to,“find herself.” For whatever reason, she’s a thousand miles away and surrounded by temptation. And at some point, she’s going to get lonely horny, or upset with you. It doesn’t matter how loyal she is…there are only so many times a woman can say, “I have a boyfriend.” Right?

The worst part is you’ll never know unless she tells you. And when that happens, she’s about to break up with you. And when a woman cheats, what happens? No, women will usually rationalize. She will tell you (and to herself) this -“It was only once and won’t happen again.” But then, guess what? She does it… over and over. Meanwhile, what happens?

You’re sitting at home on a Saturday night waiting for her to call you. Unbelievably, a lot of women do this on purpose. They think nothing of stringing along with some hapless guy. The best example is the college girl who fools around during the semester… and goes home to her boyfriend over the holidays. Messed up, right? Look… if your long-distance relationship isn’t working here’s something that might help you. It’s something I call the “Mock Dump” technique.

Be warned, though… This isn’t your standard “Dating Guru” gimmick… or something you read in Cosmo or see on Oprah. Seriously… to keep her interested long-distance you need something stronger than cheesy “dating advice.” What I’m about to show you is like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s pretty hardcore and seriously manipulative. And it can make her so obsessed and in love with you…it’s like she’s wearing a psychological chastity belt.

When used correctly this technique makes her fall hopelessly in love with you… even at a distance. Sounds great, right?

So, here’s how the “Mock Dump” technique works. It comes in two steps. The first step is to threaten to dump her. Call your girlfriend up and start talking about your relationship. Then, out of the blue tell her that… “This isn’t working for me…” Or… “Maybe we should start seeing other people…” Or… “Don’t hold yourself back from meeting someone new…” The idea is to make it seem like you want to break up with her. If done right this should take her complete surprise. (And that’s what you want.)

She’ll be thrown off balance and have no idea what’s going on. She’ll think the relationship is about to end and become very emotional. She’s going to cry and go crazy and want to know why you’re breaking up with her. And guess what… the more emotional she gets, the better it will be for you. Why?

Well, it’s this emotional vulnerability that you’re going to exploit and use to make her yours FOREVER. And when she’s most emotionally vulnerable, you proceed to take the second step… and seal the deal. At this point, she’ll be crying and want to know what’s going on.

Most likely she will “want to see you” and “talk things over” which is good… The good thing is that you only need meet her once to create mental Enslavement and obedience. So, here’s what you’ll need to do… Tell her OK you’ll meet, but don’t immediately agree. Act reluctant about it.

Now, when you see her in person you’re going to use something called Fractionation. This is a hypnotic technique that can make a woman become emotionally enslaved to you in minutes. It’s true. Even better… it’s 100% innocent, covert, and under-the-radar. And once you’ve seen how effective it is…you’ll be optimistic about your long-distance relationship again.

If your long-distance relationship is going sideways then do yourself a favor and watch the Masterclass. I’ll share with you the details on where to watch Derek’s Masterclass next, but for now, understand this… Don’t be one of those guys who gets dumped after years in a long-distance relationship… and only THEN realizes how stupid he was. Don’t let her play you for a fool. And guess what?

Fractionation can help you avoid this. It will secure her devotion to you despite being thousands of miles away.

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