yoga handstand for beginners

Best way to do a yoga handstand for beginners | yoga exercise

Today’s post, I’m going to show you how to do an l-shaped handstand [at] the wall this handstand is great for beginners.

if you’re just starting Inversions you’re just starting to practice being upside down So you need to start out by measuring the distance Of your legs from the wall So place your heels right at the wall with your legs straight in front of you then place something right next to your hips Which will indicate where you need to place your hands on the floor?

Once you place your marker on the ground you can stand up and then face away from the wall and plant your hands into the ground in line with your Marker that you placed that was right next to your hips you can move your marker away if it’s easier for you to have more space and just make sure all ten fingers are planted firmly into the ground as you Slowly walk.

Your feet up the wall and then straighten your legs once they are Parallel [to] the ground as you’re here You want to make sure your toes are pointed down?

So your legs are parallel to one [another] you also want to make sure that your hands are right underneath your Shoulders and once you have your [l-shape] you can stay here for as long as you need to for as long as you’d like to come down slowly and gently.

Bend your knees and walk your feet step by step at a time Back down onto the ground and you can come to rest in a child’s pose by sitting on your heels and relaxing your torso Down over your thighs bring your arms to rest by your sides.

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