slow muscle-up for women

best way to slow muscle-up for women – 4 exercises

Today, I will guide you through four exercises that got me to learn the Slow Muscle-up.

Let’s go the first exercise we’ll start with is just to hang with a so-called false grip so I prefer doing the false grip with my thumbs around the bar.

But I know that some do it with the thumbs over the bar like this observe that this move requires a lot of wrist strength just a tip if you feel like it’s slippery in the false grip or the movement you can use chalk that’s what I do.

the second one is pull-ups with the false grip first you need to be able to do a normal pull-up with a normal grip.

So the pull up with false grip try to make it as slow as possible and all the way up to the chest we move on to the third exercise which is deep bar dips you start over the bar you go down in a dip and try to go all the way with the chest slightly under the bar make a quick stop and then you push up again.

This is usually the hardest part of the slow muscle up the transition from the pull-up to the dip so guys the fourth and the last exercise for today is the negative slow muscle-up you start this from the top you go down in a deep dip and make the transition from the dip to the pull-upas slow and controlled as possible.

if this one is too hard for you, in the beginning, you can use a resistance band so some tips on how to perform the slow muscle-up what made it easier for me was to think that I need to push my elbow slightly out from the body while I’m in the transition from the pull-up to the dip also make sure to lean forward in the transition that will help you get over the bar.

I hope you like these 4 exercises to build up your muscle slowly. It’s really effective way for women to muscle up their bodies.

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