celebrate at a distance

Germany Govt. Announce To Celebrate at a distance

There will be a party at the end of the year. The child is old. At other times, a lot of people are invited: friends, family, it will be a great party. I used to dance there. This will not happen. Given the growing uncertainty of the number of infections. And in view of the new rules for private parties.

We Must Follow the Guidelines:

At the moment, there are disturbing types of such rules and regulations. While it is important to develop a hygienic concept for 50 or more people in Berlin, celebrants should keep a minimum distance and the responsible senator is at risk of preventive checks.

Introduced In North Rhine-Westphalia, there is no limit to the number of in-house participants, with a maximum of 500 people allowed in Hamburg 25 in Baden-Wurttemberg. The federal government originally wanted to set the latter number for all states.

It didn’t work. But is it bad? Every celebration can be a big event. If someone has an infection at the party, a lot of people will come soon. Celebrating with the least distance is a myth.

And private is special. If the state rules there, there must be special reasons. Everything else is considered inappropriate. It is important that the population accept the laws. And that’s only when they’re local. Health Minister Janice Spin (CDU) said in a press conference on Wednesday that Corona’s new rules are an expression of the learning process.

It’s about finding the right balance between infection prevention and everyday life. Understand that sensible rules work as a framework. But the only way to follow them is through understanding and acceptance.

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