healthy diet plans for beginners

healthy diet plans for beginners | well-balanced diet plan

In my private practice, I have just been getting one question a lot and that question is kim how do i eat a well-balanced diet.

Hello everyone, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist. I have just been getting one question a lot and that question, how do I eat a well-balanced diet so what I decided to do today for that to answer your question but before we actually get into the nitty-gritty there are two questions that I want you to ask yourself how are the foods that you’re eating impacting your health and second how was your health before coming into the pandemic. How was your health during the pandemic and how do you envision your health after the pandemic ends.

So I know that these are some serious questions but i want you to keep those in the back of your mind so let’s jump right into it what is a well balanced diet a well-balanced diet is a diet that contains whole grains a variety of different fruits and vegetables lean meat and low-fat dairy products if you do consume those items for individuals that may adhere to a plant-based diet.

So, let’s start off with whole grains consist of brown bread brown rice as well as brown pasta but you have to be careful because it is brown visually does not necessarily mean that it contains all the nutrients some manufacturers what they do for instance in the brown bread they just put a little molasses in there to change the color and they say that it’s brown bread.

healthy diet plans for beginners

You actually have to look at the ingredients to make sure that it says whole grain wheat or whole-grain whatever item that is so specifically with a whole grain whole grain is composed of three parts you have a bran an endosperm and a germ when grains are refined to create white bread or white rice or white pasta the nutrient part of the grain is removed and all that you’re left with is the starch so all the vitamins and minerals which are needed in the body for growth repair and body maintenance is simply stripped away.

This is important because if you’re someone that has diabetes or someone that has high cholesterol or trying to manage their weight you want to eat the bran the germ and the endosperm because they all help to regulate blood sugar they help to lower cholesterol and they can help in weight management as well additionally when you remove the nutritive part of the grain you’re removing the fiber and the fiber helps with keeping your digestive tract healthy and also helps you to stay fuller for a longer period of time so let’s look at the meat.

I have a friend that always says the leaner the meat the fewer the feet so are you eating more ham hocks and beef or are you eating more fish and chicken meat is a source of fat and you can have the good type of fat and the bad type of fat too much of the bad types of fat have been linked with heart problems examples of the good type of fat include tuna trout and also salmon if you do eat salmon i personally recommend that you get wild-caught salmon because everyone is social distancing and staying inside a little bit more and wild hot salmon actually has a high amount of vitamin D in it.

healthy diet plans for beginners

I know that you may be saying well kim you know i can’t afford salmon salmon is expensive well that’s okay you don’t have to eat salmon but there’s other affordable fish such as tuna that is on the market that you can simply create for a healthy snack when paired with whole grain crackers so let’s look at our dairy products if you do consume dairy products.

I would recommend getting the low-fat version so that’s the low-fat cheese the low-fat milk as well as low-fat yogurt and the reason for that is an intake of too much fat in the diet has been linked with high cholesterol and different cardiovascular problems so you’re still getting your nutritive benefit you’re still getting your calcium from those dairy products.

But you’re not getting the fat which is good and finally, fruits and vegetables as I always say try to eat a variety especially of different colors and the reason for that are the different colors have different phytochemicals they have different vitamins they have different minerals which your body needs for growth repair maintenance metabolism and overall keeping you healthy and making sure that your body is balanced so this is a healthy diet just making sure that you are getting a variety or feel free to comment down below and share your thoughts.

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