Hi everyone, this is gonna be my tips and tricks for healthy luscious hair. I’ve always had really thick long hair some estates genetics but I have myself been taking good care of my hair my whole life so I know that has a part in it and I want to help you have nice beautiful luscious hair.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

First one is don’t wash your hair every day I know it seems kind of gross but realistically you don’t need to wash your hair every single day of course this depends on your physical level and if you’re sweating and gross every day but most of us aren’t I usually limit my washing to 2 to 3 times a week of my hair.

Then on the other days I just put my hair up like on a clip or something I wash my body this allows for your hair your hair oils to kind of go and kind of hydrate and moisturize your hair so you don’t really need to wash your hair everyday ok and on the days that you feel like maybe it looks kind of greasy looking kind of oil you can cover your hair and try different hairstyles.

You can wear a hat you can put your hair in a ponytail put your hair in a bun do braids or something it kind of gives you it leaves you to be more creative as well with your hairstyles and try different things okay so don’t wash your hair everyday it’s gonna strip your natural oils and make it harder for your hair to grow out and be radiant and healthy and shiny.

Dry Your Hair ( Use Less Heat)

My second tip and trick are to air dry your hair and use less heat I know a lot of us are probably used to blow-drying your hair.

But if you can try not to use the blow dryer as much or limit the number of times that you use a blow dryer if you are used to showering in the morning you’re like oh I can’t work go to work and go outside with wet hair maybe you can try to wash your hair the night before instead let it air dry little bit and then in the morning it gives you more room to get ready eat and stuff and you don’t have to worry about wet hair so maybe kind of changing and tweaking up your schedule a little bit can really help you out because the heat really dries out your hair and it’s not healthy.

So if you have to you know it’s okay you can do it a couple times but try as a consistent daily habit try to let your hair air-dry it’s gonna benefit your hair a lot more trust me.!

Use Satin Pillowcase

My third tip and trick is to use a satin pillowcase so if you have a regular cotton pillowcase. Whatever maybe switch it out and get a satin pillowcase it’s not only good for your hair because it doesn’t bring create a lot of friction a static mess it’s also good for your skin as well it’s kind of like a slip and slide for your skin.

I would definitely switch out your pillowcase I know there’s like bunches probably on Amazon or that the story could find for a super affordable and you’ll see some good changes with your hair and you won’t wake up with your hair all frizzy and crazy all over the place.

Don’t Use Hair Ties

My fourth tip and trick are don’t use hair ties with metal like when I’m at home and stuff I use scrunchies stuff like this that is easy for my hair to slip through it’s not gonna like a rip or cause breakage or stuff like this.

Because I have a lot of hair so I use kind of bigger scrunchies at home when I’m out I don’t want to be wearing big scrunchie but it looks kind of weird so I use smaller ones but that don’t have metal because the metal breaks your hair and your hair gets stuck in it and then you have breakage or you get split ends and stuff okay it’s kind of like when you sit on a chair.

It has like a metal thing and then you’re like oh soon as you get up it like rips your hair and it hurts that’s the same thing with those hairs ties that have metal so don’t use those okay also those like rubber band ones not good they’re gonna break your hair.

Put Conditioner At your Ends First

My fifth tip and trick are conditioning your ends first so when you shower I know we usually you know put shampoo on our scalp and then we put conditioner afterward I actually do the other way around I first wet my hair and then I put conditioner on my ends especially for me.

I think longer hair my ends you usually tend to be drier so what I do I kind of go through my hair and I put the conditioner just at the ends just on the ends and then I go in and put shampoo on my scalp and I washed it all and I will massage it through and then after I put and then I rinse with water and then after I’m done with that I put conditioner again and then I tie my hair up or put on a clip and then I wash my body or do whatever else it’s good because as you condition first it kind of helps it.

Because you know when you’re putting shampoo it’s taken away all the oils and dirt and stuff but you don’t want your ends to get so dry so it kind of help like that if you put the conditioner first and then your shampooing and then you can condition afterward and leave it for and I try to leave the conditioner afterward for a good like at least three to five minutes and I put it up to my I put my hair up in a clip.

Then I wash my body shave or whatever dance around put on music you know all that stuff but you really want to make sure you moisturize and condition your hair at the ends first it’s gonna really help you out.

More Combs & Less Brushes

Number six uses more combs and useless brushes so this is the one that I use I’ve actually had this since I was like little I think my mom.

I don’t know I I think maybe she bought this at the Korean market or something I don’t know but it’s a huge right but I have a lot of hair so this works for me cuz it’s jumbo so I use this and to get through like any tangles and stuff um and I find that this works well as a big comb because when you small brushes it kind of breaks your hair.

It’s like more rough on your hair I would recommend if you do use brushes use combs first to kind of get through tangles and then go in with the brush I just think it works better and then I also had this special one that’s for wet hair I think I got this at Ulta I don’t know what it’s called but I’m pretty sure it says there that’s like when your hair is wet and it’s really nice because when my hair is wet it doesn’t like rip on it it’s very gentle and some I don’t I explained its likes really smooth and kind in between so I use this.

When my hair is wet or even when it’s wet I try to let just let it air dry first and then I kind of comb through about a one I like I don’t comb through it right when it’s like dripping wax-like your hairs more sensitive and more not sensitive but it’s more prone to breakage if you comb through it and rip through it when it’s wet you know so yeah use comes more than brushes of course when you’re doing certain hairstyles and stuff you have to use brushes but I usually always first comb my hair first and then I go in with brushes and style whatever and honestly just using minimal products is really my secret I don’t use expensive shampoos or conditioners I use whatever it’s never really consistent.

Sometimes I use like the Trader Joe’s brand sometimes oh I don’t know I just find one that smells good but I try to use ones are more natural organic not a lot of chemicals definitely cruelty free products of course if you know me like I have to get cruelty free um and I really just don’t use that much products heating products as well I feel like the key to having healthy hair is not doing so much to your hair you know and I know it’s hard because a lot of us maybe dye or style our hair a lot and that’s fine.

But I feel like the less you do to your hair the more it’s gonna stand on its own and be healthy be able to heal and grow itself but if you’re always bleaching always dyeing always put in heat products and stuff it kind of does a lot to your hair and weighs it down okay so I would definitely try to incorporate these tips and tricks.

I think it’ll really help you out but the more consistent you with you you are with your hair and treating it nicely and not putting so much of a strain on it the better it will grow out and the more voluptuous it will look and also like if you want your hair to kind of look volumous on the top what I usually do after I shower I flip my hair up you know down up side to side and then the front pieces are usually like kind of like it up like this so then when it goes down it’s like more volumous it definitely looks really really cute like that um but yeah those are pretty much I think all my tips and tricks and I of course are nothing like really life-changing or crazy.

Because I don’t do anything crazy with my hair once in a while I curl it or something but I don’t straighten it i never straighten my hair is naturally straight so I don’t need to um but I do curl it once in a while but I don’t other than that I don’t really use products I don’t use anything special those of you who maybe may be struggling with hair loss or want to grow your hair castor oil is really good for that and it’s kind of like it can have a messy oil but you can definitely run it through your scalp at night and then like tie it up or something and wash it in the morning but that would definitely help with hair growth also rosemary you can do like a rosemary cleanse in the shower or getting products that have rosemary inside of them like rosemary oil and just kind of massage it through your scalp is really good for hair growth.

I know I tried that once when I got a really bad haircut like years and years ago and I was like horrified I look like a rock star and that really helps my hair grow like within two months it was just like so good um and I know there was just a company that sent me products and I used and I really liked it what was it called my gosh.

Yeah! it’s keeping a healthy diet um and yeah just don’t wash your hair every day guys don’t wash your hair every day you don’t need to unless you’re like greasy and really dirty and you were out in the dirt then obviously yes but if you can try not to wash your hair everyday and yeah if you have any other tips and tricks you want to share with me.

Please let me know in the comments below I hope you found this article useful and these are honestly all things that I use all things that I do I don’t do anything special or extravagant, to be honest with you and you know my hair is pretty healthy years like three-four years ago I did do ombre and I had a blonde for like a good two years like blonde highlights and stuff and that you know it does damage your hair but look thankfully my hair is like.

This is all pretty much my virgin hair now that’s grown out and it survived all that but I think I really like my natural hair now my natural color so if you can try to minimize the number of dyes and stuff they’re using on your hair and it’ll be healthy trust me all right so I hope you guys enjoy these tips and tricks and let me know if you try them out or if you have any other ones that you can suggest for all of us to use.

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