Israel Failed Due To After A Record 3,000 New Cases

Coronavirus Tsar Professor Ronnie Gamzo is expected to present a list of new and more detailed sanctions on so-called “red cities” in the cabinet on Thursday, where the infection rate is highest, Presented before the ban. Gamzo has been working with senior health ministry officials and other professionals to develop guidelines, including additional funding for testing, contract tracking and the country’s healthcare provider.

Gamze’s traffic light plan will go into effect on September 6, and results will be closely monitored.

Meanwhile, with the rise of corona virus cases in Israel, it seems that Gamesa’s efforts have not paid off. In Israel, more than 2,000 new patients and deaths occur every day. Since the onset of the epidemic, there have been more than 400 severe cases and more than 960 deaths.

As many as 2,926 new cases were registered in Israel on Wednesday.

A recent report from the National Center for Information and Knowledge in Coronavirus Fighting Coronavirus, entitled “Achieving Prime Minister’s Goals,” states that it takes more than 90 days to reach the “only” goal at the current rate of infection. Will feel 400 new confirmed cases in one day. On a good day, about 30,000 tests are performed on the virus, although the daily target is 60,000. Meanwhile, medical laboratory employees have been on strike since the beginning of the week.

On the bright side, the coefficient of infection – the R number, or the average number of people infected per person – has reached the goal that Gamzo set when he took office – under 1 year of age – and now at 0.9. Is standing Continuous efforts are being made to improve testing and contact identification. “There has been a lot of progress in the system of cutting the chain of infection but it has not reached its full potential. This will apparently happen only after the holidays.

Sources said that this development reflects the number and speed of epidemic investigations, training of additional personnel and increase in computer resources.

Hospitals, especially in areas with high infection rates, are under pressure with severe patient patients, but the recently deployed assignment system has shifted some patients to hospitals in other parts of the country, and hospitals Sources say the situation is improving. Nevertheless, the number of critically ill coronavirus patients in hospitals continues to rise.

But these are only part of the complex puzzle involved in handling the corona virus crisis. It seems that the more in-depth and professional the process, the more complicated the crisis management becomes. Not only from a medical epidemic point of view, but also from a social, economic and political point of view.

The tools available to Israel to deal with rising infection rates are blunt and inadequate. These include the lockdown switch, which appears to have only two operating modes – on or off – and an attempt to persuade the public to wear masks and follow social distance rules and regulations. Any real solution aimed at maintaining something similar to the norm and sustaining the economy is necessary and requires a lot of resources and effort. Gamzo quickly learned that any attempt to define, isolate or classify risks, or to focus on efforts, had immediate political and social consequences. This was certainly the case when discussing the focus of focal spreads among Arab and ultra-Orthodox parties or flights to Oman.

Support for coronaviruses

A public letter of support for Gamzo was distributed on Wednesday and addressed to the Prime Minister, Alternative Prime Minister and Minister of Health, written by representatives of various medical associations. The doctors wrote, “Recently we have seen attempts by the political system to thwart [Gamzo’s] plan, which has prompted them to act.” Gamzo and his staff will work.

“Professor Gamzo represents science and medicine in Israel and it is important to listen to him. Without controlling the epidemic, we cannot expect recovery in other areas of life, especially in the economy. We would like to express our full professional support for Professor Gamzo and his staff, and hope that the leadership of the state and the Ministry of Health will join us.

A network of “red cities”

The Traffic Light Plan restricts the classification of these areas according to infection and disease rates, and aims to add leaders and residents to their list to get a better color. The project relies heavily on the support of local authorities, including Home Front Command, Megan David Edom, healthcare organizations, health ministry representatives and more.

Public health officials and others believe this is a good plan. But the pope is already coming to the pope, which could be even more important as the autumn holidays approach. In an announcement at the end of a visit to a highly anticipated Orthodox city on Wednesday, Gamze raised the infection rate, saying, “Without a clear change in the incidence rate in the red cities, we will not be able to avoid it.” There will be a complete shutdown. We are now standing on 14% positive tests in the city and the responsibility for this situation is now in your hands.

He added, “Unfortunately, we are witnessing regular violations of the guidelines. Every night there are incidents in the city that violate all the rules and tomorrow, against our instructions, schools open in the city.” I understand the complexity of the situation, but I must say that, without the encouragement of enforcement and scrutiny, we will have to make complex decisions that could lead to a complete shutdown.

According to Gamzo, 28 percent of cases of the coronavirus in Israel are in the country’s Israeli Arab minority, which makes up about 20 percent of the population. Haridi Jews make up 22 percent of the population. “A significant increase in the incidence of the disease will force us to take drastic measures at the national level. “Without a significant change in the target date trend on September 10, we will be forced to formulate new and broader guidelines that will seriously damage routines outside the red cities,” Gamzo said.

Red city and traffic lights

According to health ministry sources, the situation in all so-called red cities does not reflect this.

“There are requests for cooperation and help in other cities. There are also mayors who have asked Gamzo himself to enforce a lockdown to control the disease,” said a source familiar with the details, who gave his name. Spoken on condition of anonymity.

The group of experts advising Gamezo does not share the same views. Some supported tougher measures at the beginning of the school year and a complete shutdown during the holidays. Others believe in a more measured way according to the traffic light plan.

Professor Zivo Rothstein, director of the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and a member of the panel of experts, said: “The traffic light plan is correct, but now there is a split in what to do in the red cities.”

“I think these cities should focus on providing aid. Even if there are more teachers shrinking the capsule, there is more testing and working with the local government. Once you impose a ban and stop teaching. So you are encouraging a revolt, “he said, adding that the more negative the consequences for the red cities, the greater the risk that residents will be prevented from being tested.

Another member of the team of experts, Professor Ndao Dudovich, said: “The traffic light project is to bring more attention and resources to these cities, not to isolate them. If you take the red zone and only one restriction. If you impose, you have done nothing. You have to invest in tests, public relations, welfare services and dealing with backward populations and the elderly. This requires attention to detail because not all places are the same. Are

Lockdown, as the Israelis have learned, has a huge economic and social value, and it is unclear how the public will get such a decision this time around. During the first lockdown, closures were introduced as a means of buying time to prepare. Now, eight months into the crisis, the lockdown will be seen as a failure to control epidemics.

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