light banana pudding recipe

Light Banana Pudding Recipe

On this recipe rehab, we are going to lighten up a traditional banana pudding let’s take a look at what we’re gonna do starting off with a fat-free half-and-half which has got a texture to it you’ve got to try this because it really does have a fabulous texture it’s not like skim milk it’s got more guts behind it.

Then we’re gonna take just simple pudding mix and make sure we blend it nice and smooth with a hand mixer like this without making too much mess we’ll get it all incorporated and now I can add a little bit more and there we have it almost done.

So what we’re going to do now is add a little bit of fat-free sour cream now you can buy this any grocery store it takes all the fat away but it’s got that creamy wonderful texture that only sour cream has got we’re going to throw that in and this is really incredible how we can lighten up a dish there’s gonna have all the sweetness all the flavor of a traditional banana pudding now you might want to look through this in the refrigerator for.

Maybe just I don’t know about an hour so chills and it gets absolutely perfect get some bananas now this is what I like because we’re gonna layer it up we’re gonna take two bananas per person full of good carbohydrates full of energy and we’ll mash it up which shouldn’t take more than a second and once you do that this is where the sweetness is.

We don’t need to add any more sweetness to this and we’re ready to serve to get a fancy glass we’ve got some very low-fat wafers now let’s start throw-in that pudding look how to thickened up absolutely perfect nice big portion size we’re not cutting down on that just cuz we’re cutting out the fat then we’ll take a layer of banana a nice texture to it some wafers and I tell you anyone can do this and make you look just as good there we have it one more layer of some of that banana and a little sprig of mint try my low-fat banana pudding.

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