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lose 20 lbs in 20 days | healthy diet Weight loss smoothie

A lot of people want to lose weight really fast now speaking of fast the fast diet is all the rage right now and it entails restricting calories for two days a week keeping a really low and I’ve had a number of clients who have wanted to give this diet a try.

Actually, they’ve had great success and one of the approaches that I like to take is by starting them out with a morning smoothie that has at least 30 grams of protein yet it’s very low in calories.

So today we’re I’m going to talk you through the smoothie that I have recommended for my clients and talk to you about some variations that may work for you to get our 250 calories smoothie we’re going to start with 20 grams of whey protein powder today we’re using chocolate then we’re going to use some banana.

Now what we want to look for with our banana is some green at the ends this means that our banana is not too high in sugar the fructose is lower in bananas with some green at the ends now cottage cheese is a wonderful ingredient to add and we want to make sure to get the full-fat kind for a couple of reasons the first reason is to keep you full for a longer amount of time.

Because whey protein powder is quickly digested in the body and you’ll feel very hungry within an hour – so that is one great reason why you want to add this cottage cheese the second reason is that when you have any meal that is very high in protein without any fat it rapidly depletes vitamin A stores in the body and last but not least we’re going to add this peanut butter powder this adds a lot of flavors.

People just love it because of the flavor combination with the banana and chocolate let’s blend it up I’m going to add everything to my Vitamix and of course, we need some ice and water one of the things I love about these smoothies is they are such a quick breakfast.

You can take them with you on the go all right our smoothie is all blended up and ready to go it’s a perfect consistency it’s kind of like a milkshake so there you have it a 250 calories smoothie for that fasting day that’s going to see you through to lunchtime and help you get ready for summer to your health you.

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