Move To The East of the City Berlin

Stephen Evers, general secretary of the Berlin CDU, is moving from his political home, Willardorf, to Tripto-Capenk. The change is seen as a signal to the eastern part of Berlin that the party no longer wants to allow strongholds of the left and the AFD, and that the East cares.

Evers, who has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2011, has lived in Friedrichsen outside the district for 14 years. According to the CDU, the 40-year-old’s new district association is one of the fastest growing in Berlin. Since the beginning of 2019, District Chairman Mike Penn has counted 133 new entrants. Trypto-Capenk now has a total of 550 of the 12,000 members of the Berlin CDU.

As a CDU parliamentary group citizen development expert, Evers wants to take care of relevant issues in the district. He cited the BER airport and the handling of traffic from it as examples, which would place a heavy burden on the Trepto-Capencan and especially the Eagle Frame: “I’m not sure, like the Senate, that Autobin 113 Can handle traffic on its own. “

He wants to put pressure on the “Tangentielinorbandingen Aws” (TVO), an expressway from North Berliner Ring to A113, which should clear the city streets. Your first plans were made in GDR, but to date it has not been fully completed.

Particular attention should also be paid to Altglink’s cosmoswittle, which, according to Penn, continues to grow, as it was purchased in 2019 by the Government Housing Association Studit Inland, despite active neighborhood management. That will have to change, simply because AFD candidate Frank Schultz won a direct mandate in the last House of Representatives election in a district with no identifiable campaign.

In the list of candidates for the 2021 election, Evers wants to have a passionate place on the list and will probably run as a direct candidate, but the district party conference will have to decide.

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