paleo recipes for dinner | healthy recipes

paleo recipes for dinner | healthy recipes

Today, we have another super delicious recipe for you and that is healthy sesame chicken this recipe really gives take outa run for its money because not only is it delicious and easy to make but it’s also paleo it doesn’t have any refined sugar and it’s full of all good for you ingredients.

Let’s go ahead and get into it so this is everything you are going to need in order to make your sesame chicken and let’s go ahead and get into it so for the coating.

I’m using sesame seeds and tapioca flour this really helps to adhere to the chicken creates a nice coating and it’s also grain-free and paleo-friendly which is nice then you’re gonna need an egg and just gently whisk that up because it’s gonna help with our dredging so we’re going to be first doing it into the egg and then into the flour mixture for the sauce.

I’m using coconut aminos which is a great alternative to soy sauce as well as some ground ginger and some ground garlic and you can definitely do the fresh versions of both of these if that’s what you have then I’m adding in half a teaspoon of honey just for a little bit of sweetness this recipe is definitely a lot less sweet than your traditional one but you still get a hint of it.

So I’m taking some chicken thighs that I just cut into pieces but you can also do chicken breasts you first dip it into the egg and then into the sesame tapioca mixture and I’m cooking that on a pan that I added some avocado oil to over medium heat so you’re gonna cook that for about three minutes per side of the chicken and you’re just gonna completely do each of them until you have them all in the pan.

I did about half a pound of chicken thighs just for reference and then you add in the sauce once they’re finished cooking just to kind of coat the sesame chicken and get it nice and bubbly and thickened and then your sesame chicken is good to go I’m pairing this with some cauliflower rice to keep it as more of a low-carb dinner that’s still super filling and super delicious you can also garnish it with a little bit of green onion and a final sprinkle of sesame seeds.

if you want it to make it fancy and look pretty but you can definitely add in other fresh herbs that you like as well but I am obsessed with this chicken sesame recipe it’s so delicious I know you guys are gonna love it for basically any other weeknight meal.

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