diet tips for beginners

simple diet tips for beginners

A lot of us are trying to eat and live healthier this year but the problem is that a lot of the nutrition advice out there is so dang complicated that we can’t actually follow through and in this post.

I’m gonna give you some of the most practical and useful nutrition advice that I can give you this year that’ll help you live healthier.

I’m gonna do it in under three minutes ready set go number one I want you to start standardizing your first meal of the day and eating it at the same time whether you choose to internment it fast and have that meal at 11:00 or you have breakfast every day at 8:00.

I want you to have the same meal every single day so that ends up being a protein shake with some berries and chia seeds and almond milk and your protein powder fine that ends up being oatmeal fine that ends up being some eggs fine but do the same meal every single day standardized that meal it’s gonna help increase your fat burn and keep your energy levels stable and it’s not going to drain your will power from making decisions number two I want you one time per day to get a big green salad get lots of green veggies.

Once per day this could look like a salad for lunch or it can be a big green serving at dinner but this is absolutely central because the green fibers in particular are amazing for our digestive tract they’re good for our probiotics and green veggies have the largest abundance of vitamins minerals phytochemicals that our body needs to stay regular get that once per day.

I recommend it for lunch in particular because no matter where you travel in the world no matter if you’re at work or in a different country you can always get a good salad and you can throw some protein on top it’s gonna keep you full number three I want you to get a water bottle something like this 24 to 32 ounces and drink three of these per day and drink these in between your meals.

Many of us know that we don’t hydrate properly it’s because we’re not having water in front of us all the time you get a water bottle you set yourself an actual tangible target drinking three of these you’re gonna finally hit your water target and when you do hit your water target what you’re gonna find is that you’re actually going to feel more energetic.

You’re gonna feel less hungry and you’ll be less likely to turn to sugary drinks and sodas and stuff like that as a bonus you do water first thing in the morning 20 to 32 ounces you’re gonna find that you no longer have morning headaches your energy levels are a lot higher and if you add a little bit of pink Himalayan sea salt or some salt in the morning gives you some trace minerals another good thing that I like is actually brewing some tea in the morning.

I brew some organic green tea this is a bigger jar for sure but two of these per day with some organic green tea makes you feel amazing so you can do tea instead of just plain water that’s really good make sure you drink your water between meals and first thing in the morning and you taper it off as you go throughout the day that’s tip number three and my final tip for you this year is to make your dinner follow this perfect plate guideline so this is what a perfect plate looks like no matter what.

Your dinner is it should roughly look something like this half of your plate when you fill it up should be some kind of veggie you love ideally green for all the reasons we listed a quarter of your plates there should be some kind of protein you love this could be chicken fish a high quality organic beef or if you’re vegetarian or vegan it can be tofu tempeh something like that so half veggies quarter protein and a quarter of some kind of healthy carb you love this can be rice.

It could be sweet potatoes this could be some kind of gluten-free pasta or if you want to eat lower carb you can substitute that out for healthy fats like some avocados some nuts some seeds etc the key is that this general framework is gonna mean your meal is somewhere between five to seven hundred calories which are gonna hit your calorie target.

It’s gonna up your body feels absolutely amazing so those are our rules this year standardize that first meal set it in stone to get that good green salad one time per day three drink those waters throughout those meals three times per day and four follow the perfect play guideline you do this consistently even six days out of seven and you have one day where you’re a little fewer lacs you’re gonna see results this year I hope this serves you my friend.

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