Sipah Spread Optimism in the Corona crisis

Federal Health Minister Janes Spin is watching Germany is better equipped in the Corona crisis and is optimistic about it
In the coming months, the CDU politician said, “We have really achieved a lot so far.” “
The number is low, can take care of health We deal with it well and we know how to protect ourselves. “
Learned: “And with that we can really be confident Walk in the fall and winter. “Even with the high number of infections, the reaction will be regional and local.” You will definitely not like it again.

Nationwide march in March “In some areas, like retail, things are under control.”
The same applies to care facilities. The balance between security and everyday life is becoming increasingly successful. “I’m pretty sure the three of us will be there
Or six months better than today. “

Mostly with the end of the holiday period In the federal states, the number of daily infections has risen again, and even more so Exceeded the 2000 mark. It was partial also a large number of tests. Recently, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), however, infections do not continue Increased, but decreased slightly.

As many as 1,256 new cases were reported on Wednesday. Corona hotspots, i.e. more districts 50 affected in more than 100,000 population Saturday, RKI has no further information.

Due to There has been an increase in the ranking of new infections But the federal government on Wednesday evening Canary Islands and all of Spain as such Risk area RKI publishes latest list of high-risk areas Spin said that despite the recent Corona protests, he had the impression that there was a large majority The people stand behind the federal government. These are the principles of distance and hygiene An important tool in the fight against the virus and will be widely accepted.

The federal cabinet decided to exempt him from Liability to file for bankruptcy, extension of insolvency law in the Corona crisis Should be suspended until the end of the year.

if The high debt of a company is the result of a crisis. The easing was at the beginning of March The wave of bankruptcy was introduced in September to stop it. At first, it was a duty Filing to suffer not only because of debt but also because of insolvency.

This second exception no longer applies: “Unlike the case of insolvent companies, there are opportunities for many companies to become permanently insolvent. Evaded, “announced the Ministry of Justice. It is in the largest refugee camp The first case of corona infection was reported in Greece. In the Moriah camp on the island of Lesbos The Immigration Ministry said a 40-year-old Somali had tested positive for the virus. In Morea, which is designed for 2,800 people, More than 12,700 asylum seekers live in extremely difficult conditions.

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