Soup recipe for pregnant women


Today, In this article, I am gonna teach you how to make a very healthy soup for pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, then you have to have this soup For this we need chopped tomato, water, coriander leaves, garlic Coriander seeds powder, sliced onion, turmeric powder, salt, grated carrot Grated beetroot, Dil or Suva & Spinach.

In a pan add 2 tsp of refined oil, add 2 cloves of chopped garlic Saute for a couple of seconds,

now add 1 small size chopped onion cook till onion is transparent

Add 2 peeled and very finely chopped carrots Mix it and cook it for 1/2 mins Now add 1 peeled and very finely grated beetroot mix it well, cook it for 1/2 mins.

Now add around 50 gm of spinach Mix it Add 50 gm of Suva Mix it well, cook it for 1 min Now add turmeric powder, coriander seed powder and salt as per your taste Add 2 chopped tomatoes Mix it well till tomato is soft Cover it and leave it for 1 min Now add 1 glass of water mix it well and bring it to a boil now.

Add coriander leaves for garnishing if you want your soup very smooth then let it cool down so, your very healthy soup for pregnancy is ready. Thank you…

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