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You don’t need to go for a date if you’re broke

You were focused on the money, you put the highlight on there. Stop doing that put the highlight on you, show who you are as a man. If she doesn’t like you as a man, your character, and what you bring to the table what the hell is the point of having a relationship with her.

Let me know what you think, but let’s get into it don’t go broke trying to date her. Now listen, the reason why I was even inspired to do this video is that I heard a story from my boy Hafeez from the roommate’s podcast. And he talked about this guy who was going on these dates trying so hard to financially keep up with what he felt the woman he was dating wanted to see that this dude was putting himself in a financial hole trying to date this woman, all right.

And he got her, he got her, they got in a relationship and guess what, he still spending the money but at some point, he started running out of the money, all right. And the whole situation blew up in his face. And so, I know there’s a lot of men out there who are rich and deep in their pockets and it might be you trying to impress women, feeling like you’ve got to spend money in order to get her attention in order for her to like you and all these things.

Now, I’m here to tell you to stop. Stop right now do not go broke trying to date her. Listen, let me make something very clear to you. When a woman truly is into you, she is not as focused on your money as you think. Now let me clarify what I’m saying here.

I always say women care about financial stability and they do desire that inner man. However, when a woman is dating a guy and getting to know him though she wants to know he’s financially stable, she’s not as focused on how much he’s spending when she really likes the guy, all right.

So, this reminds me of one time I was on tour and I forgot what city it was in, but this woman was telling me about how you know these guys don’t know how to date. This guy took her to some I can’t remember what it was, but it was like some simple it was a very cheap date I’m just going to tell you right now. It was a very cheap date, all right. And she was frustrated about the whole thing and I said well, listen, I think if you really liked him, you wouldn’t have cared.

If you really liked him you would have been happy with a walk in the park. You would have been happy with an ice cream date.

You would have been happy with a coffee date. Like, when a woman is excited about the man she just met and getting to know that man for who he is, or maybe she already knows some things about you, she’s happy to spend time with you.

She’s happy that you’re giving her attention and pouring into her. She’s happy that you’re showing her respect, love, and that you’re making an effort. Again, it doesn’t mean that finances have no place or she’s not considering that in the process, but that is not her focus. So, when you are finding yourself dealing with a woman who’s putting a greater emphasis on how much you’re spending, that woman does not truly or she’s truly into you.

I was going to say that woman doesn’t really love you, but listen, she is just dating you. So, she can’t just love you yet anyway. So, she’s not really about you. She’s probably just going on a date with you just to entertain it, she ain’t got nothing better to do.

She’s like, I’m going to give this guy a chance and because of that, she needs the money coming out of your pocket to validate her being there. She needs to see that to feel like she wants to continue entertaining you.

But if she was really into you that would not be a problem.

But let’s put her to the side for a second and let’s put the focus back on you. Here’s a thing, don’t start how you cannot finish, all right. I always say, why the hell is some of you all taking this woman to the five-star restaurant knowing damn well all you can afford is some Popeyes and Hennessy, all right.

Like, bro, you ain’t got five-star restaurant money but you’re going to sit there and scrape up every last dollar you can because you feel like you got to impress this woman in order for her to like you.

But at some point she’s going to see you ain’t got it and since you have now conditioned her early on to think that you have this money or that you live this certain lifestyle now when you can not keep it there you create a bigger problem. Start how you can finish.

Now granted, you can always upgrade later, all right. If you only have simple date money, if you only have a coffee date, ice cream date money right now, then be that, let that be the case, all right.

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